Thursday, March 24, 2011

What do you think about ‘Shisha’?

Assalamualaikum and peace to all.....

Now we would like to share an article about Shisha. Do you ever heard or noticed that the shisha is already banned. But why shisha should be banned?

Firstly, you need to know what is shisha is about. What is Shisha? Shisha refers to the flavoured tobacco used in the smoking process using a hookah, also commonly known as ‘hubble bubble’ and ‘narghile’. It is believed to have originated in Turkey over 500 years ago while others claim it came from Syria and India.

The tobacco is soaked in fruits shavings such as apples, grapes and strawberries. A hookah consists of a base, pipe, bowl and hose or a mouthpiece. Tobacco is placed in the bowl, which is at the top of the pipe structure. An aluminium foil covers the bowl and small charcoal pieces are then placed on the foil, which is punctured using a pin to gently heat the tobacco. When smoked using the hose, smooth, sweet-smelling vapour is filtered through the base containing water. It also comes in floral flavours such as coconut, vanilla and rose.

Is Shisha harmful? While many may argue that Shisha smoking is not harmful, medical experts say otherwise as tobacco product in any form contains nicotine and nicotine is addictive. Tobacco products are dangerous as it contains chemicals which are toxic and carcinogenic. The common belief is that smoke is filtered by the water when in actual fact, nicotine is not water-soluble. The water filter is a gimmick hence the smoke is inhaled by a smoker.

The Star.

That is all thank you....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Everyone face the same situation when came to end of the month. No money left. What should we do? The best thing is planning for your budget.


Cut back on unnecessary expenses. If you are working soon, avoid using credit cards or taking out banks loan.


If you living at hostel, this could cut the cost a bit. But, for those who are living outsides, try to manage a schedule of transporting among your friends.

3- FOOD.

Give up unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking or eating junk food. Check grocery advertisement for bargain and sales.


Remember, the smart clothes does’t has to be branded one. Keeps your clothes simple and mix-match them to stretch your wardrobe. Buy pieces that will compliment other items in your wardrobe. Avoid clothes that are mark ‘dry clean only’.

Manage your money requires discipline, but it will go a long way in ensuring that you are in control of one of the most important aspects of your life.


Most of us are nervous when we want to be interviewing by someone who we are does't know. But, here some tips to coll down your nervous a bit,perhaps. Lets check this out.


1- DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.Don’t apply for a job just to earn a living. Ask yourself what sort of career will excite and interest you.(one said: If we work by following what we just like but does't have any talent on the area, we would't survive for a long period at our work place. Interest can be disappear but talent or skill will still in you.)

Attend career fairs to learn about the various opportunities available.

Be aware of the latest business news-local, foreign and about the industry you plan to work in. (Business section in newspapers.)4- TAKE PAINS OVER THE RESUME.
Focus, Think and Write. Think some more, rewrite, proof-read. Then get feedback from your friends or family members.

Communication skills, self-confidence, a positive attitude, creativity, personality and etc.
Ask your family members or friends to help with suggestions on how to improve your image.
Arrive 15 minutes early so that you can catch your breath and get used to the surrounding. This will make you less nervous. If possible, go there the day before the interview so that you can familiar with the route.


The first impressions are powerful; so, you need to look good, speak well and act professionally in front of your interviewer.


Send a ‘thank you’ note a day or two after the interview. The note maybe handwritten on a card, typed or emailed.

Don’t be afraid to follow-up with the employer a week or two after interview. It is an excellent way to get noticed and will demonstrate your seriousness about getting the job.

Last but not least, never give up. The job search will not be easy, especially with a tight employment market. However, proper planning will give you a head’s start even in difficult times.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What is interesting about you? What you can bring to the organization?

We all knew that phrases already. But do we really care about that phrases? Anyone can recognize what is these all about? Yes, you are right. All these are about your interviews that you are going to face soon. Are you ready guys?

After graduation day, most of our friends face the same situation. When would they will be called for an interview? They have the great CGPA. They are active in their own campus. But, still there are not been called by any company. So, what is the big problem here?

The ANSWER is……….all of this really lies on how are you present yourself in the APPLICATION LETTERS.


The originality and professionalism. Every year, all organization got hundreds or maybe thousands of applications and they have to shortlist those for interview. So, how do we want our resume will be different from others?

1- 1-Your Cover Latter.

Your cover later is your first point of contact with your potential employer and experienced HR personnel can get valuable information from this. A cover latter should be treated as Business letter. Therefore, all of them must have an overall impression of professionalism. Or in other words, you have to ensure that the position that you are applying is applicable to the organization.

The original letter shows that you are committed and your comments demonstrate your understanding on the organization and understand the position that you are apply.

BE AWARE with writing the company name did not match to the address. This is the

common mistake that graduates always do. The employer will suddenly think that we just try our luck and not serious to attend the position.

2- 2- CV(Curriculum Vitae) or Resume

The CV of fresh graduates is screened using 5factors.

a) a) Overall appearance

b) b)Layout

c) c) Affiliation and Activities that are relevent

d) d)Education and Creadials

e) e)Experience (part-time work or work attachment programme)

Your CV must be impressive and the most important thing is all your data must be TRUE. It is goes to your cover latter. Powerful but TRUE.

Spend time to ensure all of your imformtion that you provide is accurate. This may help you from get into “BLUR” situation during the interview. Once again. PLEASE AVOID from letting your friends to write you CV. Do it yourself. Your ORIGIN. Even though you have the impressive CV it will be show up during the interview. Believe me. Do not ever do this way. PLUS. If you try to do your CV in English, get it right.


We all scared to be in an interview. But, after all we have to remember that the interviewer is human too. They also know if we are scared. Therefore, I will share with you what are they looking for form the interview session. There are three fundamental that they are looking at.


The qualification must be related with the position. But sometimes, the experience is more important than the qualification.


It is all about your attitude. being qualified doesn't means you are enthusiastic enough about doing the job.


This is required you to adapt and flexible in your work place to be able to match with the organization's requirement.

AVOID answering the interviewers question by using YES or NO. This will make them keep increasing their judgement when they have to continuously dig for information.

Answer questions honestly and please do not go around several bushes before getting to the point. Listen very carefully for what is being asked and answer the question correctly.


Sometimes, interviewers like to ask you about you personal interest or hobbies. Here, is the hint. They are trying to look at your passion and hope that they will experience your enthusiasm. that what they want you to bring on when you are working with them. They are also looking at the time constrain when your hobbies brought into the picture.

Besides, the participation in a team sport also important as they look either you are capable in handling work in your team soon. It will be more credit if you are the adventurous person. It is good for the overseas posting, While, for those who like drama or even acting, are less to be shy and good at speaking in public.


Knowing your strengths and what you can offer an employer putting across ahead of other candidates. Knowing your weaknesses also might help you when the interviewer ask you about these.

2 Question that they might ask you.

1- What course gave you the most satisfaction?

2-What course did you find most difficult?

Most candidates able to answer the first question. But some of them are tend to abrupt for the second question. Here the interviewer are trying to find how you solving the difficult part of the course not the course it self.

so, it is the same goes when the interviewers ask you about your strengths and your weaknesses. They just want to know how you identify and dealing with it.


Dress Professionally. when you get there and the environment is casual, you can always dress down.

REMEMBER, no matter how prepared you are, luck and fate does play a certain role in the process.

(based on the Career Matters in GRADUAN 2005)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's your thought?

On 11th of March 2011, world has been surprised by the forth highest earthquakes in the world since 1900 happen in Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan with magnitude 9.0. Many of us (Malaysian) has take apart and show their sympathy and concern for Japanese people but a tiny of us still make this natural disaster as a joke and does't care about others feeling.

Today, in The Star Online there is review of a press conference with the Japanese Ambassador in Malaysia. He

Besides, there are also a review about the current situation in Japan and a massage which transfer around,

A nuclear power plant in Fukumi, Japan exploded at 4:30 AM today. If it rains tomorrow or later, don’t go outside. If you are outside, be sure that you have rain protectors. It’s acid rain. Don’t let it touch you. You may burn your skin, lose your hair or have cancer. Please pass, stay safe and remind everyone you know.

BBC FLASHNEWS: japan govt cnfirms radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear plants. Asian countries should take necessary precautions. Remain indoors first24hrs. Close doors n windows. Swab neck skin with betadine where thyroid area is, radiation hits thyroid first. Take extra precaution, radiation may hit phil at startng 4pm 2day. Pls send to ur loved ones.”

As mentioned by a reader of the The Star Online,

"Another local analyst covering the utilities sector said that while Malaysia was not subjected to natural disasters such as earthquakes, Malaysia was still open to calamities such as severe floods."

we are lucky not to be in the " Ring of Fire" area, not to worry for any natural disaster but our government will ensure that IT will be a greatest disaster for us. What is your thought??

Friday, March 11, 2011

"To Cheat, or Not to Cheat"

Assalamualaikum and peace to all…

This week we would like to stress about “to cheat or not to cheat”. Cheating is about dishonesty comparable to stealing and lying. In real life, especially in student life, we always heard about cheating while taking the exam or test. This selfishness occurs because the students want to get a good mark and result. They want to achieve it without work hard and even to gain the knowledge.

They do not want to improve or establish themselves. By doing that, they think they will be saved from any failure but in reality, their facing the risk, or even fail in the examination. The attempting to get the answer from other student or any prohibited notes during test or exam might be caught. That was an example of cheating in our life, so nowadays we have to be liar sometimes. Why we say so? It is because to protect ourselves from any exploitation from other dangerous but not likes an examination cheater.

As recommendation, make sure or be careful whether the lecturer is noticed that you are cheating and get caught. Plus, the notes are in your hand. Then, they will notify to your professor or your dean of your actions and automatically you will get punished that effect to your future and wasting time of your life. The best policy is not to cheat.

That is all from us thank you………….=)

My Top 5 Awesome Things.

Assalamualaikum and peace to all….

What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do." Some people will say that what you wear is what you are. It just the same but, there are also a question that what you will choose, either quantity is important or the quality? For me myself, both are not important at all. The most important for me, what I wear and what I own is must be comfort, efficient and nice just for me.

The most awesome thing in my life is my N95 Nokia phone. its maybe sounds normal for others. But, it is my highest priority in my life. As a daughter that lives far away from the family, the only way to connect with my family is just by using phone. It is also special because it is my birthday present for my 19th birthday. Even though most of my friends used recent model of phones, my phone is enough for me.

Next is my watch. It is a gift from a friend. As a person who really cares about punctuality, watch is the MUST accessory and I have to wear it wherever I go. If not, something is just missing in me and I will not comfort with myself for that entire of life.

Then, the third awesome thing of mine is my laptop. I cannot finish my assignment or any task if I don’t have it. It is very valuable for me. Everybody knew that laptop is very kind of important thing during studying right.

Then is my Hyundai accent car, this car really helps me in order to finish my job, travelling, or even to get my extra pocket money. I really love it very much.

Lastly, is my calculator Casio 350, I already used it since I was in form two which my age was 14 years old. Can you imagine how long my calculator being my friend and service for me but now I cannot use it anymore because I need more sophisticated and full of functions calculator. Therefore there a lot mathematical and complicated calculation that I have to face this time so I need the suitable calculator, but the old one would not being forgotten.

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because..

Assalamualaikum and peace to all….

"Voting is the first act of building a community as well as building a country"-John Ensign.

Look, how important voting is important for a us. It is the same thing goes to our last
"Student Election " . As a student, it is our responsibility as one of the community in MICET to vote to choose the respective leaders to be our representatives. we have to think wisely that their decision will affect us in a good term or else. Besides, after all the voting has been counted, and the representative has been selected, we have no right to complaint for the decision.The last thing is, we are capable to voting , so, why do are decline to do it?

All of our representatives have their own planning on the future for the community. Sometimes, their decision are just for their own good and benefit. Hence, there is nothing for us. But, if the leader is hardly willing to be the representative for the community voice, the goodness will reflect to us.

Referred to the point before, if their decision is no benefit to us the community, we cannot complaint. It is because of we are not voting at all.
The last reason is you are able to voting on the day. We have no excuses not to attend and fulfill our responsibility. The voting ceremony is held in the MICET. We doest need to have a vehicle to be there. The time duration for voting also in a long period. So, there is no reason not to attend and voting for the right representatives.

As the conclusion, we, as the student of MICET we are the person who are make the decision for our own future.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Great leader are made and not born!!!

Assalamualaikum and peace to all…..

This week we want to stress that the great leader are made and not born. First of all, who is leader for your perspective? Leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. So, we may conclude that the great leader is the most respective leader among the leader or the other words are the best among the best, so that is our view about the great leader. Great leader are made and not born, why did we say so?

If you refer to “The 100 a ranking of the most influential person in history” by Micheal H. Hart, all of them can be categorized as great leaders in the world one of them is Muhammad S.A.W. They born just like normal people, and do same just like what we do. The different is how they controlled the world and how they influence the world. More over they could change the world until nowadays, we as the next generations still followed their principle.

A false leader is someone who fails to get the necessary resources for his or her staff to do their jobs. The best leaders are those who can communicate upward the fears and desires of their subordinates, and are willing to fight for what is needed. If not, the organization will weaken and crumble. They learn from trial and error, and from experience. When something fails, a great leader learns from the experience and puts it behind him. Good leaders also must know how to reward those who succeed and know when to retrain, move, or fire ineffective staff.

Lastly, can conclude that we can be one of the great leader if we discipline and challenge ourselves to lead at least a small organization. Therefore, by doing that we will learned on how to manage or develop the organization….that is all from us thank you…

Monday, February 14, 2011

Believe It Or Not (birth order trait)

Assalamualaikum and peace to all, now we are back with the new topic which is “Birth order traits”…do you ever notice that? If you don’t, so let’s check it out….


The eldest son would have the feeling overlooked by parents. This is because the attention moves to the other child. This child has dethroned in the situation. He or she must learn to share with her sister.Parents are given high hopes to them since they were in pre_school. The parents’ always burden them with to these children compared with other siblings.The eldest will become a role model to the other child,so the effect of the influence received is likely to make the eldest son is quite strict and autocratic. They also feel he always had authority over younger siblings. He may be hardworking and always help their parent.

Second child,

The nature of these children are often more aggressive than the eldest son. He has always helped in many ways and always have supporters at the back of his success, whether from mother, father or sister or brother. He also has a higher competitiveness and often competing to become a better person than other siblings. The second child can be stubborn and always want to showing off.

Middle child,

According to Adler, the middle child is like a sandwich. Middle child often feels itself oppressed and do not stand out in the family.The attitude is also aggressive and irritable.In life, he or she always tries to find justice for themselves or for another person. He's a sharp contrast with the act.

Youngest child,

His life is guided by many leaders.The elder tried to tutor him and he seems to have a lot of mothers and fathers. However, they did not have a situation dethrone just like other siblings. They want to be big and powerful than others. They have great ambition but often failed in the middle of the road. Sometimes, the child is not growing maturity moreover they still childish even they already become a teenager.

However, every person can change the things and responsibility for the effect or consequences from the actions taken. Then, the individual has empowered to choose their own life style or shape their character. From our opinion, the theory somewhat is similar with our character, but we do not agreed with this theory because it will have big impact on our perception of life.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don’t be scared LAH!!!

Assalamualaikum and peace to all, this week we want to share some weird topic which is about genie….so check it out!!!

Genie or ‘Jin’ is a kind of creature that we cannot see in normal view. Jin looks basically not much different from the kind of men, they have sex, have a nose with eyes, hands, feet, ears, etc., as it is owned by humans. Basically 80 to 90 percent of Jin looks like a human.

The only thing that is different from physical Jin is smaller and finer than human. Their body shape, some are short, there is too high and there are all sorts of colors, namely white, red, blue, black, and so forth. Jin is permanently in a state of heathen and the rebellious Muslim Jin has frightening appearance. While a pious Muslim genie looking good in appearance.

According to some opinions of high, genie is actually about three cubits. Their knowledge more widely and the age are very long and some of it touching a thousand years old.
Jin moving speed is more than the motion of light in a moment. In view of Jin is the art and being hidden, not outward like a human and not completely invisible as the angel, so little space that could be occupied by millions of Jin and it also may enter and occupy the human body.

The total of Jin are too many and according to some opinions that number is the sum of all human beings from Adam until the Judgments day multiplied by number of animals in the world, and times with the rocks, in multiplied by the sands and all the plants. That was just one-tenth of the total Jin.

While the total Jin is one-tenth of the total angel. The total number of angels is only Allah S.W.T and His Messenger knows better.

Jin leaves in the ocean, land, in air and the Mithal environment which is a nature of between the human nature and the nature of angels. If given by God to us to see them, of course we will see that the needle will dropped from the top and not fall to the ground, but just falling on the back of Jin, because too many of their number.

That's why old people are always remind us that the children be returned home when the time dusk had arrived and the house door and windows must be closed, so as not to be entered by them..

So that is all…Thank you =))

~ Monetary Incentive for Them? ~

Assalamualaikum and peace to all, Do you think we should give monetary intensives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?
So, we want to stress here everyone is given an opportunity to improve their lives. So do not be surprised if we are given a second chance. In the aspect of learning in our institutions, there are categories of students identified as KP’s students. KP is the position of student results CGPA or GPA is below 2.00. KP is divided into two, KP1 is for the first timer and KP2 is the last students are given the opportunity to pursue their studies.
If the student is given the intensive money because to motivate them and encouraging them for improvement of CGPA. For me, it is not a wise decision and it is not the right way to solve this matter. It will encourage the students toward the comfort zone. So, they will lax and complacent. The prudent action is to equip them courses that will help him or her mentally and spiritually. This matters must be coordinated by the help of lecturers and their family so do the friends.

Besides that, it will be unfair for other students who have got good CGPA. If KP2 students got monetary incentives to motivate them to get better grades, they also should get these incentives to remain their constancy of good grades. In other word, maybe there are more students will get bad great because want monetary incentives. Moreover, the monthly allowance is already enough for them which are for the Diploma student is about RM 536 while for Degree student is RM 595. So money cannot influence them at all. The main thing is they have to take initiative to improve themselves by seeking or learning from the lectures and not to become like a cocoon.

Plus it will lead them to the social problem perhaps. Majority of them will waste their money to unnecessary thing or activities. Those activity will not improving their CGPA or even skill. If the loaner don’t give them the money they might be appreciated on every single of what they do.

Lastly, we want to stress again that we totally disagree that monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades.

Chris Medina Singing 'Breakeven"

Happy Chinese New Year to all our chinese friends and Happy Holiday too.. may this year brings prosperity and health to all of us..

we just surfing to a website and found something that could be share with you.. so.. enjoy the video..

p/s: do not be hesitate to leave your track here.. (^-^)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If we coUld rule the WorlD...

Assalamualiakum and hello...

How do you do so far? we wish you all the best for what are you doing now.. so, NOW we would like to shared with you what are we thinking right now if we could rule the world..

1. We will make sure there are no wars between people. No cultivation and no conquerors.

2. No uncontrollable forest exploration including open burning that can cause air or water


3. Injecting and encouraging people with green minded

4. In terms of education, since people have an ambitious, the dreams school and college will

built for example, when a person wants to become a doctor, he or she has to enroll the

dreams school start from standard one, so they can focus on that particular syllabus and

basic knowledge about doctorate or medical. If they pass the study they will become a

doctor automatically. So, the dreams school or college s are providing so many careers

and its optional since people chose the career they have to finish it until pass.

5. All countries in the world must commercialize their culture, identity, and live in peaceful.

The lifestyle has scientific application in their routine life. Thus, the scientific manner

and Al- Quran or Sunnah must be synchronized and apply it in the routine life. This is

compulsory for every single of person in the world to practice it and it is encourages them

since 3 years old at least.


6. In the kindergarten, children will learn a variety of martial arts. For girls, they have an

extra class for martial art and they will master it in that year of course plus they can plays

with dangerous weapon for protecting themselves.

7. In the primary and secondary school, students will be exposed to the ‘adult knowledge’

depending their level such as politics issues, sex education, and more. So they will not

getting shock when they are facing some ‘valuable’ situation in their life.

8. Provide a platform for jobless and bring and enrolled them to join a class which to

developed their skill in order to expertise them in entrepreneur.

9. Budget and job will be provided to handicap people and poor family.

10.All country must have determination to develop their country and protect their wild life.

No exploitation either people or animals. The laws will be ruled as Hudud’s law but it is

still using the democrations system.

11. All people are free to give suggestion or idea for their leader (prime minister).

12.Dangerous weapon such as pistol, rifle, sub-machine gun, shotgun, machine gun, and

others that are related are prohibited to be created or to be sold or expose to the public. It

is only for military and police. All country must obeys the rule, if not all subsidization in

that country will be froze within one year and the created weapon will be destroyed.

13. All people are free to celebrate for their own festival or religion and no racism.

Lastly, I (ashraf) will have my potret on every single of tower in the world and there is one day for holiday if that day is my birthday. This thing is compulsory.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Get EXciteD (-o-)

Assalamualaikum and hello...

Peace to all, this week we want to expose the reason why people nowadays always related with late marriage. Getting married too early is not good sometimes because so many thing you have to learn about yourself such as who you want to be and where you want to go in life as you get older. The more chance you have of knowing exactly who you are if you are older. So in this particular case, we can classify as a personal growth. Then, its all about financially secure, therefore, this make that persons are more stable relationship in the long term. Waiting until later in life to get married makes good sense for this reason. If the economy is more stable, the fewer struggles you will have to go through in the marriage. Money isn't everything but it sure does help because money can change the situation or solving a problem sometimes. So make it stable and firm if you want to build a family. Money is one of the leading causes of divorce. It is much nicer not to have to worry about those things. Marriage already comes with enough things to have to work out. It is a terrible thing to see a couple ends their life together because the monthly bills were stacking up and the stress level was just too high for them to work through it. Furthermore, Getting married later in life also gives you some perspective on what you can tolerate. Many young people getting marry with the idea that they will change their mate. When the behavior does not change, they find themselves out of patience and at the end,divorcing will occurred.Then think it wisely before you get married. So we can conclude that, getting married later in life does not necessarily mean that the marriage will work. so its mean that you have more accessories to work with. It gives you more time to do the things you want to do in your single life and allows you to work through your own issues before tying someone else to them. Thats all from us....thank you and we hope you enjoy to read our post...=)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello guys.....

Seriously, we don't have any idea or topic to discuss with you generally, but we thought to share and paste our last weekend activity inside this page for this entry..

Recently, we enjoyed by watching a film in cinema. The film name is Faster which is stared by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock-the ex-WWE superstar)….this guy really make a move in the film. So for you guys, don’t forget to catch this movie and you wouldn’t regret with that….

The story

After 10 years in prison, DRIVER (Dwayne Johnson) has aimed to avenge the murder of his brother during the botched bank robbery that led to his imprisonment. Now a free man with a deadly list in his hand. He is finally on his target... but with two men on his trail. A veteran COP just days from retirement, and a young egocentric hitman (also called as KILLER) with a talent for the skills of killing and a newfound worthy opponent. The hunter is also the hunted. It is a do or die race till it finish as the mystery surrounding his brother's murder answered completely.

So.. Hurry up.. spend some of your time to watch this movie.. Look at this guy..we have no idea with this people if he become our enemy….by hook or by crook we have to run away… (^-^)

Thus, thats all for now... Have a nice day guys.... =)

EdUCaTioN AsPiRAtIon 2oII

Assalamualiakum and hi...

Talking about aspiration on 2011.. we begging you has at least 1 on your head generally.... but what about the aspiration for your EDUCATION???? have you figured it out??? Never mind if you not thought about it before.. but you better have one NOW..

meanwhile you are thinking about your aspiration, we would like to share with you some of our aspiration for this year (2011).. firstly, let us introduce you some other words that synonym with "ASPIRATION". some of us called it as AIM, and maybe as "GOAL". but there are another words that gave us the same meaning which are AMBITION, TARGET or even DESIRE...

Everyone will aimed to score in all papers that they take for this year.. including us.. but do we ready to struggle in order to accomplish our aim just now??? its all in you right???

Our last semester results were not highest as we targeted.. but PRAISE TO ALLAH.. there is no paper failed.. but we will try to boost our strength and ability to make our CGPA higher that last semester... IF IT IS ALLAH'S WILL...

Besides, we also aimed to improve our language skills and perhaps we could learn others foreign languages.. maybe Turkish or French or might be Dutch and Afroasiatic (one of the African language). but our priority now is our ENGLISH language.. we have to polish out our writing and speaking skills in English first before proceed with other language.. (^0^)

so.. its all for now... don't forget to visit us again... =)

1st EntRY

Assalamuallaikum, and Hai everyone..

This is the first time we meet here..we would like to share with you for what do we feel, and what do we learn from the experience.. First of all, for this moment we would like to thanks our lecturer, Mdm. Sherina because the encouragement to us to improve our English by doing the blog. Actually we feel very excited to do so.

So…lets on the light.......................