Friday, March 11, 2011

My Top 5 Awesome Things.

Assalamualaikum and peace to all….

What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do." Some people will say that what you wear is what you are. It just the same but, there are also a question that what you will choose, either quantity is important or the quality? For me myself, both are not important at all. The most important for me, what I wear and what I own is must be comfort, efficient and nice just for me.

The most awesome thing in my life is my N95 Nokia phone. its maybe sounds normal for others. But, it is my highest priority in my life. As a daughter that lives far away from the family, the only way to connect with my family is just by using phone. It is also special because it is my birthday present for my 19th birthday. Even though most of my friends used recent model of phones, my phone is enough for me.

Next is my watch. It is a gift from a friend. As a person who really cares about punctuality, watch is the MUST accessory and I have to wear it wherever I go. If not, something is just missing in me and I will not comfort with myself for that entire of life.

Then, the third awesome thing of mine is my laptop. I cannot finish my assignment or any task if I don’t have it. It is very valuable for me. Everybody knew that laptop is very kind of important thing during studying right.

Then is my Hyundai accent car, this car really helps me in order to finish my job, travelling, or even to get my extra pocket money. I really love it very much.

Lastly, is my calculator Casio 350, I already used it since I was in form two which my age was 14 years old. Can you imagine how long my calculator being my friend and service for me but now I cannot use it anymore because I need more sophisticated and full of functions calculator. Therefore there a lot mathematical and complicated calculation that I have to face this time so I need the suitable calculator, but the old one would not being forgotten.

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