Thursday, January 27, 2011

If we coUld rule the WorlD...

Assalamualiakum and hello...

How do you do so far? we wish you all the best for what are you doing now.. so, NOW we would like to shared with you what are we thinking right now if we could rule the world..

1. We will make sure there are no wars between people. No cultivation and no conquerors.

2. No uncontrollable forest exploration including open burning that can cause air or water


3. Injecting and encouraging people with green minded

4. In terms of education, since people have an ambitious, the dreams school and college will

built for example, when a person wants to become a doctor, he or she has to enroll the

dreams school start from standard one, so they can focus on that particular syllabus and

basic knowledge about doctorate or medical. If they pass the study they will become a

doctor automatically. So, the dreams school or college s are providing so many careers

and its optional since people chose the career they have to finish it until pass.

5. All countries in the world must commercialize their culture, identity, and live in peaceful.

The lifestyle has scientific application in their routine life. Thus, the scientific manner

and Al- Quran or Sunnah must be synchronized and apply it in the routine life. This is

compulsory for every single of person in the world to practice it and it is encourages them

since 3 years old at least.


6. In the kindergarten, children will learn a variety of martial arts. For girls, they have an

extra class for martial art and they will master it in that year of course plus they can plays

with dangerous weapon for protecting themselves.

7. In the primary and secondary school, students will be exposed to the ‘adult knowledge’

depending their level such as politics issues, sex education, and more. So they will not

getting shock when they are facing some ‘valuable’ situation in their life.

8. Provide a platform for jobless and bring and enrolled them to join a class which to

developed their skill in order to expertise them in entrepreneur.

9. Budget and job will be provided to handicap people and poor family.

10.All country must have determination to develop their country and protect their wild life.

No exploitation either people or animals. The laws will be ruled as Hudud’s law but it is

still using the democrations system.

11. All people are free to give suggestion or idea for their leader (prime minister).

12.Dangerous weapon such as pistol, rifle, sub-machine gun, shotgun, machine gun, and

others that are related are prohibited to be created or to be sold or expose to the public. It

is only for military and police. All country must obeys the rule, if not all subsidization in

that country will be froze within one year and the created weapon will be destroyed.

13. All people are free to celebrate for their own festival or religion and no racism.

Lastly, I (ashraf) will have my potret on every single of tower in the world and there is one day for holiday if that day is my birthday. This thing is compulsory.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Get EXciteD (-o-)

Assalamualaikum and hello...

Peace to all, this week we want to expose the reason why people nowadays always related with late marriage. Getting married too early is not good sometimes because so many thing you have to learn about yourself such as who you want to be and where you want to go in life as you get older. The more chance you have of knowing exactly who you are if you are older. So in this particular case, we can classify as a personal growth. Then, its all about financially secure, therefore, this make that persons are more stable relationship in the long term. Waiting until later in life to get married makes good sense for this reason. If the economy is more stable, the fewer struggles you will have to go through in the marriage. Money isn't everything but it sure does help because money can change the situation or solving a problem sometimes. So make it stable and firm if you want to build a family. Money is one of the leading causes of divorce. It is much nicer not to have to worry about those things. Marriage already comes with enough things to have to work out. It is a terrible thing to see a couple ends their life together because the monthly bills were stacking up and the stress level was just too high for them to work through it. Furthermore, Getting married later in life also gives you some perspective on what you can tolerate. Many young people getting marry with the idea that they will change their mate. When the behavior does not change, they find themselves out of patience and at the end,divorcing will occurred.Then think it wisely before you get married. So we can conclude that, getting married later in life does not necessarily mean that the marriage will work. so its mean that you have more accessories to work with. It gives you more time to do the things you want to do in your single life and allows you to work through your own issues before tying someone else to them. Thats all from us....thank you and we hope you enjoy to read our post...=)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello guys.....

Seriously, we don't have any idea or topic to discuss with you generally, but we thought to share and paste our last weekend activity inside this page for this entry..

Recently, we enjoyed by watching a film in cinema. The film name is Faster which is stared by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock-the ex-WWE superstar)….this guy really make a move in the film. So for you guys, don’t forget to catch this movie and you wouldn’t regret with that….

The story

After 10 years in prison, DRIVER (Dwayne Johnson) has aimed to avenge the murder of his brother during the botched bank robbery that led to his imprisonment. Now a free man with a deadly list in his hand. He is finally on his target... but with two men on his trail. A veteran COP just days from retirement, and a young egocentric hitman (also called as KILLER) with a talent for the skills of killing and a newfound worthy opponent. The hunter is also the hunted. It is a do or die race till it finish as the mystery surrounding his brother's murder answered completely.

So.. Hurry up.. spend some of your time to watch this movie.. Look at this guy..we have no idea with this people if he become our enemy….by hook or by crook we have to run away… (^-^)

Thus, thats all for now... Have a nice day guys.... =)

EdUCaTioN AsPiRAtIon 2oII

Assalamualiakum and hi...

Talking about aspiration on 2011.. we begging you has at least 1 on your head generally.... but what about the aspiration for your EDUCATION???? have you figured it out??? Never mind if you not thought about it before.. but you better have one NOW..

meanwhile you are thinking about your aspiration, we would like to share with you some of our aspiration for this year (2011).. firstly, let us introduce you some other words that synonym with "ASPIRATION". some of us called it as AIM, and maybe as "GOAL". but there are another words that gave us the same meaning which are AMBITION, TARGET or even DESIRE...

Everyone will aimed to score in all papers that they take for this year.. including us.. but do we ready to struggle in order to accomplish our aim just now??? its all in you right???

Our last semester results were not highest as we targeted.. but PRAISE TO ALLAH.. there is no paper failed.. but we will try to boost our strength and ability to make our CGPA higher that last semester... IF IT IS ALLAH'S WILL...

Besides, we also aimed to improve our language skills and perhaps we could learn others foreign languages.. maybe Turkish or French or might be Dutch and Afroasiatic (one of the African language). but our priority now is our ENGLISH language.. we have to polish out our writing and speaking skills in English first before proceed with other language.. (^0^)

so.. its all for now... don't forget to visit us again... =)

1st EntRY

Assalamuallaikum, and Hai everyone..

This is the first time we meet here..we would like to share with you for what do we feel, and what do we learn from the experience.. First of all, for this moment we would like to thanks our lecturer, Mdm. Sherina because the encouragement to us to improve our English by doing the blog. Actually we feel very excited to do so.

So…lets on the light.......................