Saturday, March 19, 2011

What is interesting about you? What you can bring to the organization?

We all knew that phrases already. But do we really care about that phrases? Anyone can recognize what is these all about? Yes, you are right. All these are about your interviews that you are going to face soon. Are you ready guys?

After graduation day, most of our friends face the same situation. When would they will be called for an interview? They have the great CGPA. They are active in their own campus. But, still there are not been called by any company. So, what is the big problem here?

The ANSWER is……….all of this really lies on how are you present yourself in the APPLICATION LETTERS.


The originality and professionalism. Every year, all organization got hundreds or maybe thousands of applications and they have to shortlist those for interview. So, how do we want our resume will be different from others?

1- 1-Your Cover Latter.

Your cover later is your first point of contact with your potential employer and experienced HR personnel can get valuable information from this. A cover latter should be treated as Business letter. Therefore, all of them must have an overall impression of professionalism. Or in other words, you have to ensure that the position that you are applying is applicable to the organization.

The original letter shows that you are committed and your comments demonstrate your understanding on the organization and understand the position that you are apply.

BE AWARE with writing the company name did not match to the address. This is the

common mistake that graduates always do. The employer will suddenly think that we just try our luck and not serious to attend the position.

2- 2- CV(Curriculum Vitae) or Resume

The CV of fresh graduates is screened using 5factors.

a) a) Overall appearance

b) b)Layout

c) c) Affiliation and Activities that are relevent

d) d)Education and Creadials

e) e)Experience (part-time work or work attachment programme)

Your CV must be impressive and the most important thing is all your data must be TRUE. It is goes to your cover latter. Powerful but TRUE.

Spend time to ensure all of your imformtion that you provide is accurate. This may help you from get into “BLUR” situation during the interview. Once again. PLEASE AVOID from letting your friends to write you CV. Do it yourself. Your ORIGIN. Even though you have the impressive CV it will be show up during the interview. Believe me. Do not ever do this way. PLUS. If you try to do your CV in English, get it right.


We all scared to be in an interview. But, after all we have to remember that the interviewer is human too. They also know if we are scared. Therefore, I will share with you what are they looking for form the interview session. There are three fundamental that they are looking at.


The qualification must be related with the position. But sometimes, the experience is more important than the qualification.


It is all about your attitude. being qualified doesn't means you are enthusiastic enough about doing the job.


This is required you to adapt and flexible in your work place to be able to match with the organization's requirement.

AVOID answering the interviewers question by using YES or NO. This will make them keep increasing their judgement when they have to continuously dig for information.

Answer questions honestly and please do not go around several bushes before getting to the point. Listen very carefully for what is being asked and answer the question correctly.


Sometimes, interviewers like to ask you about you personal interest or hobbies. Here, is the hint. They are trying to look at your passion and hope that they will experience your enthusiasm. that what they want you to bring on when you are working with them. They are also looking at the time constrain when your hobbies brought into the picture.

Besides, the participation in a team sport also important as they look either you are capable in handling work in your team soon. It will be more credit if you are the adventurous person. It is good for the overseas posting, While, for those who like drama or even acting, are less to be shy and good at speaking in public.


Knowing your strengths and what you can offer an employer putting across ahead of other candidates. Knowing your weaknesses also might help you when the interviewer ask you about these.

2 Question that they might ask you.

1- What course gave you the most satisfaction?

2-What course did you find most difficult?

Most candidates able to answer the first question. But some of them are tend to abrupt for the second question. Here the interviewer are trying to find how you solving the difficult part of the course not the course it self.

so, it is the same goes when the interviewers ask you about your strengths and your weaknesses. They just want to know how you identify and dealing with it.


Dress Professionally. when you get there and the environment is casual, you can always dress down.

REMEMBER, no matter how prepared you are, luck and fate does play a certain role in the process.

(based on the Career Matters in GRADUAN 2005)

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  1. yap.. well-dressed is the first aspect to be considered when interviewed